Reminder: Graduation forms for Spring 2018 Due February 1

For students planning to graduate this semester graduation forms are due February 1, 2018. The final project is due March 8, 2018. For details please visit the post: Procedures for Spring 2018 Graduation

Drop dates for Spring 2018

For Regular Session courses, the following drop/refund dates apply:

  • February 5, 2018 – Last day for 100% refund for a regular session course
  • February 12, 2018 – Last day for 50% refund for a regular session course
  • February 20, 2018 – Last day to drop a regular session course without a W being recorded
  • March 26, 2018 – Last day to drop a regular session course

Refer to the Academic Calendar for additional dates.

If you are dropping your last (only) class, you will need to contact the Graduate School to withdraw for the semester. Scott Schlender <> is the contact in the Graduate School.

Diplomas will be mailed to Fall 2017 Graduates

Diplomas are mailed to all graduates. It takes approximately 8-12 weeks from the end of the Fall 2017 semester (December 15, 2017) for the diplomas to be processed, printed and mailed. Start checking your mail box around February 15, 2018.

Procedures for Spring 2018 Graduation

The follow information is intended for students planning to complete the requirements for the Master in Science in Academic Advising in Spring 2018. If you are not planning to complete requirements this spring, it is recommended that you review this post to be familiar with the process.

1) Please e-mail Pam McGlynn ( to let her know you are planning to complete degree requirements at the end of the Spring 2018 semester. She will use this list to distribute additional information to potential graduates and add students to the online course to submit the final project.

2) All candidates for master’s degrees must submit the graduation application via the student center in KSIS before the Final Exam form is processed. The graduation application will add students to the list of candidates for degree completion as well as update the degree/diploma name and mailing address. This is a graduation requirement by the Graduate School. The application may not be available until after the start of the semester – January 16, 2018.

In order to submit the graduation application you must log into KSIS and go to “Academics” in the “Student Center”. Open the “Other Academic” list box and click “Apply for Graduation” and then click go (>>) and complete the online application. Step by step instructions on applying for graduation are available in KSIS Help at the following link:

3) If you are planning to complete the master’s degree this spring, the Approval to Schedule Final Exam form is to be submitted to Pam McGlynn by February 1, 2018. A Word file is available for download on the Final Project page: On this form, complete the following three items at the top center of the page: Name; K-State eID; and Student Number (WID, 9-digit number beginning with an 8). After completing this information, the file is to be e-mailed to Pam and she will complete the rest of the form. She will obtain the required signatures and forward it to the Graduate School. This form is required for the final project that serves as the final exam for the degree.

After the Approval to Schedule Final Exam form is processed by Graduate School staff, you will receive an e-mail with information about graduation and commencement.

4) The academic advising final project must be submitted on K-State Online-Canvas by Thursday, March 8, 2018. A K-State Online course will be created for this purpose and students that notify Pam will be on the roster. The final project is the culminating activity for the graduate program and will be evaluated by your program committee. Please view the final project pages on the website for more information ( The final project is expected to be a high quality, graduate document developed during the program. Please contact your advisor or Dr. Ken Hughey ( should you have questions about the academic advising final project.

A program of study is to have been submitted and on file with the Graduate School. The program of study must be on file before the final exam form can be submitted to the Graduate School. If you have not completed this, please contact Pam as soon as possible. In addition, it is required that you be enrolled during the semester in which you complete degree requirements.

For graduation and commencement information from the Kansas State University Graduate School, go to the following url: Spring Commencement Ceremony is Friday, May 11, 2018 at 1 pm.

College of Education Graduation Brunch

On Friday, December 8th, 2017 the College of Education held a brunch to honor the Fall 2017 Master’s and PhD graduates. We are so pleased that two of the M.S. in Academic Advising students were able to join us. Kelly Briggs and her husband from Kansas and Tiffany Jersey and her husband from North Carolina, as well as, her family from Tennessee. Congratulations!

Kelly Briggs 2Tiffany Jersey 1flowers2

Fall 2017 Academic Advising Graduates

Congratulations to our M.S. in Academic Advising December 2017 Graduates!

Kelly Briggs
Carol Buttice
Kathryn Clark
Sara Comer
Erin Couture
Rebecca Evans
Ashleigh Fulghum
Zachary Hennis
Tiffany Jersey
Tasha Lisle
Paul Pierce
George Paulicivic
Jay Puafisi
Lesa Snyder
Amy Soto
Diane Taylor
Jennifer Washick
Stephen Watts
Jean Wondell
Mike Zunin

K-State Global Campus is offering a virtual commencement to honor more than 170 fall 2017 graduates who have studied at a distance, many of whom cannot travel to Manhattan to attend on-campus ceremonies.

The virtual commencement website includes a list of graduating distance students, video commencement addresses, alumni resources and links to live-streams of on-campus ceremonies.

Faculty, staff, family and friends of distance graduates can participate in virtual commencement by posting congratulatory messages to graduates through the virtual reception.

Correction: Brunch location updated

Correction: Brunch location was incorrectly listed. It was moved to the Alumni Center this semester.

College of Education Graduate Brunch              10:30 a.m. to Noon
Manhattan Country Club
Alumni Center
1720 Alumni Center
Manhattan, Kansas