K-State Reception at NACADA – Oct 7

The K-State Reception at the NACADA annual conference will be held from 5:30-7:30pm on October 7, 2021 in Findlay’s (Second Floor) in the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati. All current academic advising students are invited!

For more information about the NACADA annual conference please visit: https://nacada.ksu.edu/Events/Annual-Conference.aspx

Academic Advising Positions at the University of Kansas

The University of Kansas has several academic advising positions available. For more information please visit the KU employment site. https://employment.ku.edu/job-search/staff

Fall 2021 Graduation

All graduates have been given access to the Final Project Canvas course to submit their final project by October 8, 2021. If you are planning to graduate and are NOT in the Canvas course, please contact Pam McGlynn ASAP – pmcglynn@ksu.edu

Office of Student Success hosting fall 2021 NACADA webinar series

Submitted by Brad Cunningham

The Office of Student Success will host the first of the fall 2021 NACADA webinars, “Scholarly Advising and the NACADA Core Competencies: Practical Frameworks for Discussion, Implementation, and Inquiry,” from 1-2 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14, in 3 Holton Hall. 

The webinar will discuss using the Core Competency framework to facilitate professional development activities on campus. They can be used to identify possible research topics and explore issues that would benefit from assessment. 

Further information about the webinar, presenters and handouts for the event can be found on the NACADA website.

For questions, please contact Brad Cunningham at bradc@k-state.edu.

Course Drop Dates for Fall 2021

If you wish to drop a class, you must complete the drop process via your Student Account in KSIS. If you need to drop all of your classes after the semester begins, please contact the Graduate School to withdraw for the semester – Scott Schlender – scottsch@ksu.edu.

For Regular Session courses, the following drop/refund dates apply:

  • September 13, 2021 – Last day for 100% refund for a regular session course
  • September 20, 2021 – Last day for 50% refund for a regular session course
  • September 28, 2021 – Last day to drop a regular session course without a W being recorded
  • November 1, 2021 – Last day to drop a regular session course

If you enroll in a class, you assume responsibility for paying tuition and fees for that class. You will NOT be automatically dropped from a class if you do not pay tuition and fees. You will NOT be automatically dropped from a class for lack of participation.

UCSB Seeks an Athletics Academic Advisor

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is seeking to fill a newly created Athletic Advising position in its Barber Academic Center. This position will serve as the primary undergraduate advisor to student-athletes on assigned teams and will assist in course selection, academic skill building, and monitoring academic progress and eligibility. 

To review the full job description or apply, click HERE.

Review of applications will begin on September 8, 2021.

Ideal candidates are those who have a passion for the student-athlete experience as well as a drive to grow in this field. Individuals currently in graduate assistant or internship positions are encouraged to apply, as well as any current advisors who simply cannot pass up the opportunity to relocate to one of the world’s most impeccable climates.

Compensation and Benefits:  This position will start at $55,600 with an anticipated 3% cost of living adjustment each year. All full-time UC employees are provided a comprehensive benefits package, which includes comparatively low premiums as well as free dental and vision.

Additional Benefits: UCSB’s athletics department is prepared to cover up to $1500 in relocation expenses as well as provide this position a cell phone and laptop.

About the institution:  UC Santa Barbara is a Division-1 institution and proud member of the Big West Conference. Consistently ranked as a Top 10 public institution by US News and World Report, UCSB combines the best of both the academic and athletic experience while being located along the beautiful California coast.

Academic Mentor for Barton Community College

Barton Community College seeks applicants who enjoy learning and would be excited to work in the new Academic Development Center. The Academic Mentor will work with students to develop academic skills for collegiate success and to support a student’s engagement with the campus community. Responsibilities included working with students in one-on-one coaching sessions and facilitating open study hall hours. This position reports to the Director of Student Academic Development and is a 10-month position (30 hours a week) with some evening hours required. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, two years of related or similar experience, and strong interpersonal skills. The Academic Mentor must be committed to helping students learn.

For more information visit the job posting site – Academic Mentor

Submitting Certificate Completion Form

For those who completed the certificate coursework this summer, please submit the official notification that you have completed the certificate. Below are the instructions for how to do so. Please submit that electronic form at your earliest convenience, Pam McGlynn (pmcglynn@ksu.edu) know if you have any questions about it.

This form should be used for students completing all future semesters. It should be submitted at the end of the semester.

Submitting your Graduate Certificate Completion Form

If you have completed the five courses required for the Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising, please follow these steps:

  1. 1)  Click on the following link: https://www.k-state.edu/grad/about/forms/
  2. 2)  Select “Graduate Certificate Completion” and click on “Submit graduate certificate completion form.”

On the form:

  • Ignore the “Staff Proxy” section.
  • Your student information should automatically be in the “Student Information” section.
  • In the “Program Information section, enter “Academic Advising” along with the semester that you completed your last course.
  • In the “Course Information” section, list the five courses that you took to complete the certificate along with the semester that you took each. If you did not transfer in any coursework, those courses will be the following:

EDCEP 829 Learning Principles 3 credits
EDCEP 835 Foundations of Academic Advising 3 credits
EDCEP 838 Student Development Theory 3 credits
EDCEP 851 Multicultural Aspects of Academic Advising 3 credits
EDCEP 863 Trends in Career Development 3 credits

Total KSU Credits = 15

If you transferred in any courses, you would list those in this section in place of the courses for which they served substitutes.

  • Ignore the “Program Advisor” section.
  • In the “Program Coordinator” section, list the following: Name: Christy Craft
    E-mail: ccraft@ksu.edu
    Department: Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs
  • Click the “Submit” button.

Procedures for Fall Graduation

EDIT – The online graduation application will not be available until August 16.

Students planning to complete the requirements for the Master in Science in Academic Advising in Fall 2021 should follow the steps below:

1) E-mail Pam McGlynn 
Notify me that you plan to graduate the end of the Fall 2021 semester. Deadline: September 1, 2021

I will submit Approval to Schedule Final Exam forms for all students that notify me they plan to graduate. 

2) Submit the graduation application
All candidates for master’s degrees must submit the graduation application via the student center in KSIS before the Final Exam form is processed. The graduation application will add students to the list of candidates for degree completion as well as update the degree/diploma name and mailing address. This is a graduation requirement by the Graduate School. 

In order to submit the graduation application you must log into KSIS and go to “Academics” in the “Student Center”. Open the “Other Academic” list box and click “Apply for Graduation” and then click go (>>) and complete the online application. Step by step instructions on applying for graduation are available in KSIS Help at the following link: http://www.k-state.edu/isis/help/students/stuGraduationApply.html

3) Enroll in a credit course at K-State
It is required that students be enrolled during the semester in which they complete degree requirements, i.e. coursework and final project. If you have completed all required coursework, there is a one credit course available, so you can be officially enrolled. Contact Pam McGlynn for details. The Canvas course to submit the final project is NOT a credit course. It has no work, except to submit the final project. 

4) Submit Academic Advising Final Project to K-State Online-Canvas Course by October 8, 2021.
A K-State Online course will be created for submitting final projects. Pam McGlynn will manually add students to the course that notify her they plan to graduate.

The final project is the culminating activity for the graduate program and will be evaluated by your program committee. Please view the final project pages on the website for more information (https://academicadvising.wordpress.com/final-project/).

The final project is expected to be a high quality, graduate document developed during the program. Please contact your advisor or Pam McGlynn if you have questions about the academic advising final project.

Program of Study is to have been submitted and on file with the Graduate School. All Master’s students should have a Program of Study on file after the completion of nine credits. If you do not have an approved program of study, please contact Pam McGlynn as soon as possible.

Fall Semester Starts August 23

Enrollment is still open for Fall 2021. The semester starts Monday, August 23.

Course Offerings for Fall 2021
EDCEP 812 History and Philosophy of Higher Education
EDCEP 816 Research Methods
EDCEP 829 Learning Principles
EDCEP 835 Foundations of Academic Advising
EDCEP 836 Interpersonal Relations for Academic Advising
EDCEP 838 Student Development Theory
EDCEP 851 Multicultural Aspects of Academic Advising
EDCEP 854 College Student Athlete
EDCEP 863 Trends in Career Development