Fall 2017 Semester Starts Monday, August 21

Fall 2017 Semester starts Monday, August 21. Courses should appear in your Dashboard in K-State Online. Professors should email students with information about their course the first week of the semester. Or post in K-State Online.

Students enroll online using the interactive KSIS system. KSIS is Kansas State University’s student information system. The system manages the maintenance of student records, including enrolling in classes, accessing grades, and paying tuition. This interactive system is available at https://isis.k-state.edu/psp/ISIS/?cmd=login. KSIS can also be accessed directly from the K-State home page:http://www.k-state.edu/

For questions about KSIS, see http://www.k-state.edu/isis/help/students/. Resources for specific help topics and Frequently Asked Questions are available. For help signing in to KSIS, contact the IT Help Desk at (785) 532-7722 or toll free 1-800-865-6143.

The Course Schedule is available on the K-State web site at http://courses.k-state.edu/. This schedule provides a listing of all classes offered during the semester, a description of enrollment procedures, an academic calendar, and other useful information.

The Course Schedule will provide the class number, which is needed to enroll in the course through KSIS. Academic Advising courses can be found by clicking on the term one is registering for, then the College of Education, and then Department of Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs. Courses are listed in numerical order.

A multi-semester list of scheduled courses is available on the Academic Advising Graduate Program website. Not all courses are offered each semester, so please plan ahead. https://kstateacademicadvisinggraduateprogram.org/courses/

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