Guiding Questions

Questions to Guide the Conceptualization and Development of Case Studies

The questions presented below are intended to serve as a guide and help with ideas in preparing your discussion of the case. The case study is to be presented in paragraph form; the questions are not to be answered individually in your presentation.

  1. What does the information given tell you about the issues for the student and the type of help he or she might need?
  2. What are possible issues that need to be addressed by the student?
  3. What are goals that might apply to the student?
  4. What decisions might need to be made (either by the advisor or the student)?
  5. What theory or theories could be used to help understand the student’s situation and how do these help in developing advising interventions or strategies with the student?
  6. What research could be used to inform your advising with the student? How does this apply to working with the student?
  7. How would you go about helping or advising the student? What type of advising approach would you take with the student and why?
  8. What resources would you recommend for the student?
  9. What additional information would be helpful to know?
  10. To what extent do diversity or multicultural issues need to be considered with the student? What are considerations related to this?
  11. What are key considerations that would guide your advising with the student?
  12. Should a referral be considered? If so, provide a recommendation and a rationale for the recommendation?
  13. What institutional policies might need to be explained to the student?

Academic Advising Case Studies
Administration Case Studies (EDCEP 837)
Student Athlete Case Studies (EDCEP 761)

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