University of Kansas Seeks Academic Advisor for Biology

The Academic Advisor for Biology is primarily responsible for providing comprehensive advising for undergraduate students with declared Biology majors to assist their progression toward degree completion. Biology has large enrollment (~1700 majors), diverse degrees and requirements, and specific course sequencing. Academic Advisors in Biology will gain additional expertise from and liaison with College Advising and Student Services. They will also help support faculty advisors/mentors in the Departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and Molecular Biosciences (MB). This position collaborates with campus partners on key advising initiatives. The Academic Advisor helps create an advising environment where differences are valued and each person is supported. Students are provided with equitable, inclusive opportunities and connected to services to create student success. The Academic Advisor in Biology is supervised by and will work closely with the Assistant Director.

For the full job description and application visit:

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