Program of Study Required for Master’s Students

The Graduate School requires an approved program of study after the completion of nine credits (three courses) in the Master in Science in Academic Advising program. This is NOT a requirement for Certificate students.

The program of study lists the courses you intend to take to complete the requirements of the Master’s in
Academic Advising degree.

Which elective course do you plan to take? 

  1. EDCEP 812 – History and Philosophy of Higher Education – Fall
  2. EDCEP 839 – Assessment of Academic Advising – Spring
  3. EDCEP 864 – Current Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics – Spring, Summer

Your advisor is the major professor on your supervisory committee. Two additional faculty will serve on your committee. The committee reviews your final project. Do you have a preference for which professors serve on your committee? The following graduate faculty are available to serve on committees: 

  • Doris Carroll
  • Christy Craft
  • Marilyn Kaff
  • Craig McGill
  • Lisa Rubin

When you are ready, please send Pam McGlynn an email with your elective and committee members choices.I will generate your program of study through our new electronic form system. If you have not taken a course yet, I will need to put in “placeholder” semesters for the courses. You are not required to take the courses in the semesters that are listed on the form, but the electronic form cannot be submitted with “blanks”.

The program of study will be electronically signed by the faculty on your committee and submitted to the Graduate School for approval. Once it is approved you will receive an email from the Graduate School. Please do not fill out the form yourself. As a department we have decided that I will do the forms for all MS in Academic Advising students. Thank you, Pam 

Master’s Required Courses

  • EDCEP 816. Research Methods
  • EDCEP 829. Learning Principles
  • EDCEP 835. Foundations of Academic Advising
  • EDCEP 836. Interpersonal Relations for Academic Advising – Fall, Summer
  • EDCEP 838. Student Development Theory
  • EDCEP 851. Multicultural Aspects of Academic Advising – Fall, Spring
  • EDCEP 854. College Student Athletes
  • EDCEP 863. Trends in Career Development
  • EDSP 853.   College Students with Special Needs – Spring, Summer
  • Elective course – EDCEP 812, 839 or 864
  • Final Project – Due early in the semester you graduate (March 8, July 1, October 8)

If not noted above course is offered every semester. All courses are 3 credits.

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