Global Campus Scholarships


Need money for school? Scholarship opportunities designated for distance education students are listed below. Students admitted to a degree program are eligible for financial assistance. Visit Kansas State University’s Office of Student Financial Assistance to learn more.

K-State Global Campus Scholarships

K-State Global Campus is proud to offer scholarships specifically for distance students earning their undergraduate or graduate degree online. Students only need to submit the K-State Global Campus Scholarship Application one time per award period, as the information provided on the application will be used to determine the scholarship(s) for which students are eligible. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of three (3) credit hours in the award term.

K-State Global Campus Scholarship Application
K-State Global Campus Scholarship FAQ

Fall semester application period: April 15 through June 1
Spring semester application period: September 15 through November 1
Summer semester application period: February 15 through April 1

*FAFSA is required for all scholarships with a financial need requirement
The GPA is based on the K-State GPA. If no K-State GPA is earned yet, the transfer GPA will be used.
Priority will be given to Global Campus students who have not received a Global Campus scholarship in the past.

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