Fall Semester Start and End Dates Moved Up One Week

Kansas State University is moving the start and end dates of the Fall 2020 semester up one week. This includes the online academic advising graduate program.

Under the adjusted fall 2020 semester academic calendar, the first day of classes will be Monday, Aug. 17. The last day of classes will be Friday, Dec. 4, with finals week from Dec. 7-11. The last day for in-person on-campus instruction will be on Nov. 20, right before the student Thanksgiving break. Following the break, the last two weeks of the semester, including final exams, will be completed using distance methods.

It is also anticipated that university commencement ceremonies set for Dec. 11 and 12 will be moved up as well. Dates, times and venues will be announced once plans are finalized.

For more information please visit, https://www.k-state.edu/today/announcement/?id=65721

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