Congratulations Fall 2019 Graduates

The following students earned their Master’s in Academic Advising from Kansas State University this Fall. Commencement ceremonies were held Friday, December 13 in Manhattan, Kansas. Congratulations to all on their accomplishments.

Diplomas will be mailed to all graduates. It will take 8-12 weeks from the official end of the semester (December 20) for diplomas to be received.

Cristen Alarie
Priscilla Arciniega
Elahé Bahadori
Darcy Barraclough
Andrew Bartsch
Jessica Boone
Travis Britz
Haylee Crouch
James Gilbert
Lisa Johnson
Christina Jones
Kasie Kidney
Collin Klein
Tara Knight
Katelyn Leviton
Rebecca McRae
Wesley Notestine
Samantha Ortega
Karlie Purdy
Juliet Quebatay
Allison Scully
Rebecca Schutt
Marissa Simplot
Sabrina Strong-Nasabal
Sadie Stutsman
Michele Tisdale
Rebecca Werthmann
Chelsea McClellan



One Response to “Congratulations Fall 2019 Graduates”

  1. Allison Scully Says:

    That’s me!!

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