Programs of Study Required by Graduate School

The Graduate School requires a Program of Study after a student has completed 3 courses (9 credits) in the Academic Advising Master’s program.

The Program of Study lists the courses a student intends to take to complete the requirements of the degree. It does not need to list when a student will take the courses. There are a few pieces of information necessary to prepare the paperwork.

Select an elective course:

  1. EDCEP 812 – History and Philosophy of Higher Education – Fall
  2. EDCEP 839 – Assessment of Academic Advising – Spring
  3. EDCEP 864 – Current Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics – Summer

The advisor is the major professor on a supervisory committee. Two additional faculty will serve on the committee. The committee reviews final projects.  The following graduate faculty are available to serve on committees: 

     · Doris Carroll 
     · Christy Craft 
     · Judy Hughey 
     · Ken Hughey 
     · Marilyn Kaff 
     · Charlie Nutt
     · Lisa Rubin
     · Dan Wilcox

Please contact Pam McGlynn  to start the Program of Study process if you have completed 3 courses in the Master’s degree program.

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