ASP Hold on Accounts

Enrollment for Spring 2019 begins on Monday, October 22. Some students may have a hold on their accounts labeled ASP.

All students enrolled at K-State must complete the Alcohol and Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP) program in order to enroll for a new semester.

ASAP can be found in KSIS by clicking on ‘Navigator’ in the NavBar, then clicking ‘Self Service’ then ‘Student Success’

For questions please call health promotions at 785-532-5271.

2 Responses to “ASP Hold on Accounts”

  1. Tara Knight Says:

    If I complete this training over the weekend, will I automatically be able to register on Monday, or will I need to contact someone to get the hold lifted from my account?

  2. Kansas State University Says:

    The hold should clear after you take the course. It may take a few hours so I would do it over the weekend, if you can.

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