Update on Technology Disruption

There was a fire at Hale Library on May 22, 2018. This is were the university houses it’s technology offices and the fire has cause disruption to many of the computer systems.

Currently, we are not able to access KSIS – the student information system. Students can still log into K-State Online, the online course delivery system. Summer semester is still scheduled to start June 4.

Here is the latest update from the Administration on the recovery efforts:

University employees within Information Technology Services, or ITS, and Telecommunications have been working around the clock since the fire to restore email, web and telephone service. It was critical for payroll to be completed, so last week ITS hired a vendor to host the HRIS system. Employees from ITS and Human Capital Services worked diligently throughout the weekend and on Memorial Day to complete the payroll process for the pay period ending May 19. The files were successfully submitted to the state Monday evening so June 1 paychecks will be issued on time to university employees.

Over the weekend, Belfor worked to remove the water and deploy chillers and dehumidifiers to improve the climate in the data center. In addition they cleaned and checked the equipment. We learned on Tuesday that the core servers supporting the administrative systems — KSIS, HRIS and FIS — are in good condition. ITS will soon use temporary power to begin assessing these systems. Once complete, we will develop a plan to bring the top priority systems online. We will keep you informed of the progress.

For updates please check https://www.k-state.edu/media/update/halelibrary/


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