Fall 2017 Academic Advising Graduates

Congratulations to our M.S. in Academic Advising December 2017 Graduates!

Kelly Briggs
Carol Buttice
Kathryn Clark
Sara Comer
Erin Couture
Rebecca Evans
Ashleigh Fulghum
Zachary Hennis
Tiffany Jersey
Tasha Lisle
Paul Pierce
George Paulicivic
Jay Puafisi
Lesa Snyder
Amy Soto
Diane Taylor
Jennifer Washick
Stephen Watts
Jean Wondell
Mike Zunin

K-State Global Campus is offering a virtual commencement to honor more than 170 fall 2017 graduates who have studied at a distance, many of whom cannot travel to Manhattan to attend on-campus ceremonies.

The virtual commencement website includes a list of graduating distance students, video commencement addresses, alumni resources and links to live-streams of on-campus ceremonies.

Faculty, staff, family and friends of distance graduates can participate in virtual commencement by posting congratulatory messages to graduates through the virtual reception.

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