Reminder: Textbooks Should be Purchased Before Semester Starts

Students should obtain the required textbooks for their courses before the start of each semester. The required textbooks can be found on the Course Schedule: 

Academic Advising courses can be found by clicking on the term one is registering for (Fall, Spring, Summer), then the College of Education, and then Department of Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs. Courses are listed in numerical order.

To find the required textbook(s) click on the book icon.

screen shot1

A new screen will open up listing the required textbook(s).

Screen Shot 2

Students can also access textbook and related course materials from links provided in KSIS and the K-State Course Schedule. Information provided includes the name of the book, author, ISBN number, and associated costs.

To find Textbook Information in KSIS or K-State Course Schedule please visit the following website:

NACADA Discounts

Some required textbooks and materials are available from NACADA. A NACADA Student Membership is $20. Members receive discounts on NACADA publications. The membership application form and a list of membership benefits are available at

Contact Bev Martin at if you have questions regarding student memberships to NACADA.

NACADA member-produced publications utilized in the Graduate Certificate and Master’s Degree Programs in Academic Advising are (subject to change):

  • Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook, Volume 2  – ISBN 9780470371701  (EDCEP 835)
  • Academic Advising Administration: Essential Knowledge and Skills for the 21st Century (M22) – ISBN 9781935140221 (EDCEP 837)
  • Advising Students with Disabilities: NACADA Monograph (M19) – ISBN No. 9781935140191  (EDSP 853)
  • Career Advising: An Academic Advisor’s Guide  – ISBN 9780787983673 (EDCEP 863)
  • The Handbook Of Career Advising (P10) – ISBN 9780470373682 (EDCEP 863)

The link for the NACADA Bookstore is

If you are having trouble figuring out the textbook, please contact Pam McGlynn ( or the course instructor.

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