Academic Advising Graduate Program Recognizes Summer Graduates

This summer the Academic Advising Program is proud to announce that 15 students earned their Master in Science in Academic Advising. Congratulations to the following students:

Randa Alvord
Cynthia Breese
Joanna Czarniecki
Carina de Armas
Alexander Ferge
Brandon Keith
Rachel Kelly
Michelle Maller
Emily Molchan
Roberta Molter
Lorena Rogel
Rhonda Sandberg
Sarah Summerbell
Neil Volker
Brooke Walker

K-State Global Campus’ Virtual Commencement website helps bring the graduation experience to distance students who otherwise would not be able to participate in on-campus festivities. The website includes a place for university faculty and staff, as well as family and friends of graduates to post their congratulations through a virtual reception message board. Faculty and staff are encouraged to post congratulatory messages to graduates they’ve taught or worked with.

The Virtual Commencement website also includes a digital program featuring the name and major of each K-State Global Campus summer graduate.

Summer graduates are welcome to attend the December Commencement Ceremony on campus. Please contact Pam McGlynn if interested.

One Response to “Academic Advising Graduate Program Recognizes Summer Graduates”

  1. Wendy Troxel Says:

    Congratulations, everyone! Looking forward to your contributions to the Scholarship of Academic Advising!

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