Rich Robbins Writes Two Chapters of New Book On Advising

rich-robbinsA new book set to be released this month, by Jossey-Bass and NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising, provides academic advisors the insight they need to advance their understanding, practice, and leadership.

Dr. Rich Robbins, graduate faculty member in the Kansas State University Academic Advising Graduate Program, contributed two chapters to the book, Beyond Foundations: Developing as a Master Advisor. Robbins’ chapters are titled “Assessment of Academic Advising: Overview and Crafting Student Learning Outcomes” and “Assessment of Academic Advising: Gathering Outcome Evidence and Making Changes.” Written for experienced academic advisors, Beyond Foundations provides direction for primary-role and faculty academic advisors who seek not only to take their practice of advising to the next level, but also to widen their circle of influence.

Robbins worked with twenty-three authors, all leaders in the field, to provide insights into the important issues affecting the practice of academic advising. The result is a book that provides practical steps that contribute to advisors’ development including how to:

  • Use existing resources in new ways to master advising roles and promote student success
  • Apply theory to advance advising practice
  • Create and optimize professional development opportunities
  • Establish recognition for the contributions of academic advisors to the institution and higher education
  • Face challenges created by the changing higher education landscape

“In order to be an effective advisor in an ever-changing higher education environment, the learning never ends,” said Robbins, whose chapters address developing student learning outcomes for academic advising and assessment of academic advising. For additional information on Beyond Foundations: Developing as a Master Advisor, please visit:

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