Certificate Completion Procedures


Sample of Certificate. It comes in the mail framed and ready to hang on the wall. 

When students are in the final semester of the academic advising graduate certificate program they should contact Ms.Cassandra Llewelyn, cjwalker@ksu.edu, to tell her they are finishing their last class. She will complete the required paperwork for the Graduate School, and a certificate will be processed. Students should make sure their contact information is accurate, especially the mailing and email addresses. It will take six to eight weeks for the certificate to be mailed.

Required Courses

  • EDCEP 829. Learning Principles (3 hrs)
  • EDCEP 835. Foundations of Academic Advising (3 hrs)
  • EDCEP 838. The College Student and the College Environment (3 hrs)
  • EDCEP 851. Multicultural Aspects of Academic Advising (3 hrs)
  • EDCEP 863. Trends in Career Development (3 hrs)

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