Jackie Wilson-Schau, an Academic Advising Student, Receives National Outstanding Continuing Education Student Award

Jackie Wilson-Schau, Englewood, Colorado, was recently named the Outstanding Continuing Education Student – Credit by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association. The award recognizes outstanding student achievement in professional and continuing education. Wilson-Schau also won this award at the regional level in October 2015. Award recipients will be honored at the UPCEA 101st Annual Conference, on April 8 in San Diego, Calif.

“My decision to pursue an advanced degree in academic advising has stemmed, in large part, from my reflections on my last year of coursework at K-State. I would not have had the ambition, the drive, or an understanding of the procedures needed to complete my final year of school had it not been for a fantastic mentor who showed me a way to change directions based on my interested and still finish my degree in a manageable time. I would like to help other students as this advisor helped me; giving them the foundation and route to complete their desired level of education and coursework, and to let them know that it’s okay to shift focus and try new vocational ventures,” continued Wilson-Schau.

Wilson-Schau completed her K-State undergraduate degree through distance education and is now pursuing a Masters in Academic Advising through the K-State online graduate program.

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