Final Project Requirements for Master’s Students

The Graduate School of Kansas State University requires comprehensive examinations. In order to fulfill this requirement, the Academic Advising faculty of the Department of Special Education, Counseling, and Student Affairs adopted a final project system to ensure that all master’s degree students possess the necessary knowledge and competencies for academic advising. In developing these final projects, students will demonstrate and apply what they have learned about academic advising from their coursework. Completed final projects should be uploaded to the K-State Online course by the deadline. Advisors will review and evaluate them in collaboration with the other members of the student’s supervisory committee.

The Final Project does NOT need to use the K-State ETDR template. All information regarding the final project can be found on the Academic Advising website:

Final projects are due by the following dates:

  • Graduating in Fall: October 8
  • Graduating in Spring: March 8
  • Graduating in Summer: June 24

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