Congratulations to Academic Advising Master’s Graduates

The following students completed their Master in Science in Academic Advising in December 2015. We congratulate all these hardworking students and wish them success in their careers.

Jeffery Bouie
Christopher Boxberger
Kristy Cordero
Elizabeth Cranford
Joanne Cumberland
Derek Cunningham
Danielle Fischer
Linda Gregory
Laura Grey
Alicia Heffernan
Daniel Jensen
Kimberly Judd
Amy Kaufman
Leeanne Leclerc
Diana Lovendino
Aramis Martinez
Melody Matsuura
LaTonya McClain
Deanna Peacy
Thomas Roddy
Tracy Rupp
April Sanders-Aboulila
Kaleb Sands
Stephanie Stacey (Peterson)
Sandra Tofts
Sarah Warren
Sheneetra Wilson

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