Fall 2016 Course Schedule Announced

The academic advising courses schedule for fall 2016 has been released.

Course Offerings for Fall 2016
EDCEP 816  Research Methods
EDCEP 829  Learning Principles
EDCEP 835  Foundations of Academic Advising
EDCEP 836  Interpersonal Relations for Academic Advising
EDCEP 838  College Student and College Environment
EDCEP 851  Multicultural Aspects of Academic Advising
EDCEP 854  College Student Athletes
EDCEP 863  Trends in Career Development
EDCEP 837  Administration of Academic Advising

Enrollment for Fall 2016 is March 22 – August 23, 2016

Students are advised to plan out their schedules to ensure that they can take the courses they need to graduate. Not all courses are offered every semester. The elective courses are offered less often, especially EDCEP 864 Current Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics. Please check the Courses page of the website: https://academicadvising.wordpress.com/courses/

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