Master of Science Degrees Awarded to 34 Academic Advising Students

We are proud to announce that 34 academic advising students earned their Master in Science degrees this Spring. Congratulations to all the graduates!

Donna Armbruester
Brandy Bailey
Miriam Busch
Jonathan Caison
Laura Clemens
Jennifer Colovos
Erin Conaway Tobias
Bridget Dimery
Stacie Grisham
Johnny Hedgepath
Leslie Jakeman
Ryan Kernan
LaTonya Lee
Jacqueline Mcskimming
Melissa Brookshire Monette
Amy Morgan
Dennan Morrow
Kevin O’Connor
Scott Ohara
Kathleen O’Leary
Joy-Ann Perard
Melita Prins
Heidi Rahe
Nancy Sin
Nicholas Snead
Jessica Socarras
Kelly Barkan
Erin Sutherland
Matthew Taylor
Corey Trader
Mark Vegter
Nicole Wilbert
Aries Wilson
Shayla Yon

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