Graduates to Celebrate at Fall Commencement Ceremony Friday

The Graduate School Commencement Ceremony is Friday, December 13 at 1 pm (central time) in Bramlage Coliseum. A live webcast of the Commencement Ceremony can be viewed at:

A virtual commencement ceremony Web site will be available for distance education degree candidates unable to attend their K-State commencement ceremony in person. The website includes a listing of students earning degrees through distance education, a place for family and friends to post congratulatory messages to their graduate, a commencement address, music and other commencement-related offerings.

We wish to congratulate all the academic advising master’s students on the completion of their degrees!

Jose Guadalupe Arambul, Jr.
Angela Archer
Kortne K. Bacca
Saira Bahadar
Kevin Scott Bailey
Courtney Faye Campbell
Curtis Martin Colegrave
Lorraine Marie Dinnel
Jeanne M. Gubler
Susan Arroyo Hoeben
Arielle Kirsten Horan
Karen L. Howard
Amy Byrne Kleissler
Laurel Ann Koch
Kerri Anne Langdon
Gerald Thomas Meenaghan
Sonja Marie Moritz
Angel Shay Padgett
Amy Patrice Rhodes
Ashley Grace Ryhmer
Jamie Schmeltzer
Jillian Gayle Taylor
Yolanda L. Thomas
Kathryn Diann Tisch
Kari Lynn Volkmann-Carlsen
Garry F. Washington, III
Kristi Lynne Waters
Jason Mark Weger
Lisa Marie Wilson

One Response to “Graduates to Celebrate at Fall Commencement Ceremony Friday”

  1. Saira B Says:

    I just want to say CONGRATS to all my fellow classmates! This was a wonderful learning experience for me and I wish you all the very best!

    December class of 2013!!!

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