Advice for Online Learners From Graduates

Starting an online degree program can evoke excitement, eagerness, and enthusiasm, but it can also cause feelings of nervousness, intimidation, and fear. Here at Kansas State University we want all our students to be successful and to provide resources and opportunities to make that success possible.

So, in pursuit of this goal, Dr. Haijun Kang and three graduates of Kansas State University’s Online Adult and Continuing Education Master’s degree took the time to create a series of videos to help new online students adjust to higher education in a non-traditional environment – cyberspace. These students offer advice and suggestions to address the unique challenges of online classes such as keeping up with the workload and connecting with fellow students and professors.

Although, these students received a different degree, their experiences and advice are valuable to students pursuing the Master’s degree and Certificate in Academic Advising.

Dr. Haijun Kang is an Assistant Professor in Adult Education, College of Education, Kansas State University.

One Response to “Advice for Online Learners From Graduates”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the helpful videos! Would liked to have seen more diversity in interviewees, ie age, ethnicity, etc. Very similar perspectives represented.

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