Live Chat Tuesday, November 27 8 pm Central

Dr. Ken Hughey will conduct a live chat regarding changes to the Final Project (formerly called the portfolio) requirements, as well as other topics related to the Master’s in Academic Advising, on Tuesday, November 27, 8 pm, Central Time. The live chat will be conducted through Wimba, an interactive system that is part of K-State Online.

To participate in the live chat session, please e-mail Pam McGlynn at . Prior to the session you will receive an e-mail with the url for accessing the session along with directions for logging on to the system.

The Academic Advising Graduate Program has made some revisions to the portfolio requirement for the master’s degree. The portfolio is now going to be called the Final Project. There are three options: cases studies, comprehensive advising plan, or an alternative project. The changes are effective for students graduating spring 2013.

For details please see the Final Project page on the blog.

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