Reminders for Those Planning to Complete MS in Spring 2011

The following steps must be taken by students planning to complete the requirements for the MS in Academic Advising in Spring 2011.

1) Students should email Ms. Cassy Llewelyn, our administrative assistant, to let her know you plan to complete requirements in Spring 2011.

2) The academic advising portfolio must be submitted to your advisor by March 15, 2011. This is the culminating activity for the program and will be evaluated by your program committee. The portfolio is expected to be a high quality, graduate document developed during the program. Please review the Portfolio Requirements (PDF). If you have questions about the academic advising portfolio, please contact your advisor or Dr. Ken Hughey.

3) The Approval to Schedule Final Exam form must be submitted no later than January 25, 2011. On this form, complete the following three items at the top center of the page: Name; K-State eID; and Student Number (WID, 9-digit number beginning with an 8). After completing this information, the file is to be emailed to Ms. Llewelyn and she will complete the rest of the form. Also, she will obtain the required signatures and forward it to the Graduate School. This form is required for the portfolio that serves as the final exam for the degree program. Students are not required to come to campus for a final exam. After this form is processed by Graduate School staff, you will receive an email from the Graduate School with information about graduation.

4) A program of study is to have been submitted and on file with the Graduate School. If you have not completed this, it is important that you contact your advisor as soon as possible.

5) It is required that you be enrolled during the semester in which you complete degree requirements.

Graduation and commencement information can be found on the Graduate School website:

If you have any questions, please review the Student Handbook, or contact your advisor.

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